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What Our Customers Think

For our farm price was a factor and Concept Industries bins came in at least 15% lower than all other quotes. We noticed right away the quality of the build of these bins and heavy gauge of steel. When putting in our temperature cables there was a noticeable difference felt walking on the roof from our other smooth wall bins. Our (Concept) bins were early in production and the attention to detail and workmanship was outstanding. Ladders are very comfortable and we really like the ring around the top of bin lid. From the sale to installation of the bin the service was great.

Nathan Friesen

We were looking for 10,000 bushel corrugated hopper bins – the smooth walls bins were preferable for our farm and more affordable.  We noticed right away the quality of Concept Industries bins was far superior to anything on the market.  The design and welds were much better than the other smooth wall bins we have on the farm.  The bin design is very well thought out with attention to detail such as the large hole on top makes setting up the auger super easy.  The adjustable crank being standard was an added bonus.

Jeff Calder

Bins Built to Last

Wide Base

Widest Skid Base on the Market

Liquid Paint

Better salt spray ratings and better edge protection for prevention of rust

Smooth Finish

Smoother finish increases product flow keeping the inside of your bin clean