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Liquid Fertilizer Bins

Bin Features

  • 27″ Top opening with 29″ spring loaded lid
  • Constructed with minumum 12 guage steel
  • Industrial grade liquid paint coating
  • Ladder with safety grip
  • Adjustable rack & pinion slide gate assembly
  • 28″ Discharge clearance
  • Stainless steel gate assembly
  • Up to 7500 bushels
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Key Features

10-Year structure guarantee with a 5 year paint warranty

Quality at an economical price

Widest skid base on the market, built for stability

All P&O steel including: roof, side-wall, legs and cone

All Concept bins come standard with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat

Why liquid paint?

Better salt spray ratings

Better edge protection for prevention of rust

Smoother finish increases product flow keeping the inside of your bin clean

Industrial grade liquid paint coating

Concept Ind. offers a 3-step wash/clean procedure using specifically designed products to clean the steel before paint for adhesion

Concept Industries Liquid Fertilizer Bins

ModelCubic Ft.US GallonsImp. GallonsImp. TonsMetric TonnesBin Height
16' Diameter, 35 Degree Roof, 40 Degree Hopper